Industrial Package Containers

Industrial Package Containers


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MSDF offers over 80 different container designs as well as a “Quick Ship” program of standard IP-1 containers. These expedited IP1 containers can generally ship within 48 hours of order placement. Custom containers can be designed by our in house design department utilizing both Solid Works 3D Modeling software and Auto CAD software. We are happy to work with customers and their operations teams to design packages for specific uses or that may have special handling requirements. This can result in an easier and more efficient handling package, reduced shipping rates and lower disposal cost. Through the use of innovative design features, we strive to provide you with quality and performance exceeding regulatory requirements.


Our IP-1 (sometimes referred to as a Strong tight container or B-25 container), offer either our positive, secure and tamper resistant “Bolted Closure” or a variety of other closure methods. The containers can come with a choice of standard 3″x 7″ closed end risers, removable risers or 4-way entry configurations dependent on your needs. Our Finishes include, powder coating, Lead free enamels, two part epoxies, galvanizing, or a variety of customer specified coating systems. IP-1 (Industrial Package Type 1) containers are certified to meet the testing requirements of U.S. DOT 49 CFR 173.24, 49 CFR 173.410 and 49 CFR 173.411(b).

Quick Shipping Options Direct to the Job Site

Standard availability is 14 – 21 days from receipt of order for truckload quantity (28 containers). We also offer our “Quick Ship” program, which is designed to meet the needs of the customer with an immediate need for Containers. These Standard IP-1 90 & 45 cubic foot containers are generally available for shipment within 48 hours of purchase order receipt.

Various Container Options

Top Load ConfigurationTop Load Configuration

Top Load Configuration

Side Load ConfigurationSide Load Configuration

Side Load Configuration

Top Hat ConfigurationTop Hat Configuration

Top Hat Configuration

Bolt ConfigurationBolt Configuration

Bolt Configuration

T-Bolt ConfigurationT-Bolt Configuration

T-Bolt Configuration

T-Bolt ConfigurationT-Bolt Configuration

Clip Configuration

Lid with HandlesLid with Handles

Lid with Handles

Lid with D-RingsLid with D-Rings

Lid with D-Rings

Lid with 2-Way LiftLid with 2-Way Lift

Lid with 2-Way Lift

Lid with 4-Way LiftLid with 4-Way Lift

Lid with 4-Way Lift

3 Riser with 2 Lid Lift3 Riser with 2 Lid Lift

3 Riser with 2 Lid Lift

4 Riser with 1 Lid Lift4 Riser with 1 Lid Lift

4 Riser with 1 Lid Lift

2-Way Riser2-Way Riser

2-Way Riser

4-Way Riser4-Way Riser

4-Way Riser

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