Fabrication Services

Precision Laser Cutting Services

4000 Watt Mitsubishi Laser Cutting

Laser cutting has drastically changed the metal working industry by allowing for fast and extremely acurate cutting of a variety of metals. Our 4000 watt Mitsubishi laser has increased our cutting abilities including 1″ steel, 1/2″ stainless steel and 3/8″ aluminium. In addition, our 4000 watt Amada FO-4020NT with its 80″ x 160″ bed makes our cutting capabilities among the largest bed size in the area. The advantages of laser cutting are many and include, low set up costs, accuracy of the finished parts and improved material utilization.

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Professional Water Jet Cutting


Water Jet cutting is a high precision, efficient alternative to laser cutting. Our water jet cutting services are capable of cutting Glass, Brass, Copper, Inconel, Stainless Steel, Stone, Plastics, Kevlar and much more! Our OMAX 55100 water jet is equip with the “Tilt-A-Jet” head, allowing us to adjust the angle of the cutting head, leading to extremely accurate final edge angle on the parts. With no “heat affected zone”, water jet cutting is a great alternative for parts that will have secondary machining operations, or can not be subject to heat during processing.

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Professional Commercial and Industrial Painting

Industrial Powder Coating Service

In addition to our fabrication and assembly capabilities, we also handle a variety of painting finishes utilizing wet coat and powder coating options. Using Powder Coating, Enamels, Epoxies and Hi solid urethanes, we can provide our customers a variety of finishes to meet their specific needs. While specializing in powder coating due to its superior finish, we also provide many high quality wet coat and Military finishes.

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Precision Metal Forming


We utilize a variety of machinery to improve production times for all of our metal forming services. Operating several Cincinnati and Adira press brakes, a RAS 73.30 Flexibend folding machine, 1/4″ x  12′ Wysong squaring sheer, Ercolina Megabender,  tube bender, and two 5 ton overhead cranes, we are able to handle many types and sizes of specialty fabrications.

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Professional Welding Services


Metal Solutions Design & Fabrication, specializes in high quality MIG, TIG and Robotic welding applications. Our team of highly skilled welders are capable completing welding tasks, from simple weldments to very large structural fabrications. Qualified on materials from light sheet metal through heavy plate, our welders are AWS certified and are overseen by several AWS Certified Welding Inspectors'(CWI). Fabrications of Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Aluminum are routinely designed and processed through the shop.

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