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4000 Watt Mitsubishi Laser Cutting

Professional Laser Cutting

Laser cutting has drastically changed the metal working industry by allowing  fast and extremely accurate part cutting from a of a variety of metals. Our 4000 watt Mitsubishi LVP 3015 laser with a 5’x10’ bed is able to cut a variety of materials including 1″ carbon steel, 1/2″ stainless steel and 3/8″ aluminum. The ability to nest irregular parts onto a single sheet, often referred to as “Nesting”, maximizes the number of parts while reducing wasted material. This nesting relies on several complex algorithms that move and position the parts according to shape and complexity yielding the most efficient cut layout possible. Another advantage to laser cutting parts, is the ability to add accurate etch lines that can used for layout and positioning of parts or secondary operations.   Laser etching is also used to add part numbers or other identifying marks for trace-ability onto the parts. The advantages of laser cutting are many including low set up costs, accuracy of the finished cut and improved material utilization.

We have added an additional Amada FO-4020 NT 4000 watt, with a larger 80” x 160” cutting pallet, drastically increasing the size of materials that we can process in house. This machine also offers a Water Assisted Cutting System (WACSTM) Most commonly used when cutting thicker plate, WACS provides an effective solution for the prevention of heat build up. It is no longer necessary to shift around the sheet allowing time for the metal to cool. Instead, parts can be nested closely together and processed continuously. The result is better sheet utilization and faster processing time. Cooling provided by WACS – as well as a reduction in assist gas contamination from the shop atmosphere at the surface of the material – combine to provide exceptional edge quality when cutting plate.

 Nitrogen cutting, or “clean cutting” of materials, leaves a near machined edge quality that requires no additional cleaning and is paint ready. This is especially helpful in reducing secondary preparation of parts having many openings, exposed unfinished edges or parts that will be painted.

We can work directly from your CAD files, or we will design and produce the parts to your specifications. If you are not familiar with the CAD side of sheet metal design, just give us a call and we will help you through the complete development of your parts.

Laser Cutting Services

  • 4000 Watt Mitsubishi LVD 3015 5’ x 10’ bed laser
  • 4000 Watt Amada FO-4020 NT 80” x 160” large bed laser
  • Up to 1″ steel
  • Up to 1/2″ stainless steel
  • Up to 3/8″ aluminum
  • CNC controlled

Custom Laser Cut FirepitCustom Laser Cut Firepit

Custom Laser Cut Firepit

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4000 Watt Mitsubishi Laser Cutting Machine4000 Watt Mitsubishi Laser Cutting Machine

4000 Watt Mitsubishi Laser