7A Type A Containers

7A Type A Containers


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We offer over twenty-five different certified 7A Type A, IP-2 and IP-3 container designs as well as several 7A Type A Fissile rated containers. MSDF routinely provides custom built containers as well. Our containers are designed to adhere to the Nevada National Security Site(NNSS) requirements for waste acceptance and offer quality and performance exceeding regulatory requirements. Custom 7A Type A containers can be designed by our in house design department utilizing both SolidWorks 3D Modeling software and AutoCAD. We often model the specific item being shipped, as well as the container, to better study the best method of accessing and loading the final package. This helps to bring about challenges that maybe encountered in the field by the operations team tasked with preparing the shipment. Once the challenges are identified, we are able to look at specific design changes and improvements to produce a better overall container. The results are safer, more efficient handling of the package, lower shipping rates and reduced storage and disposal cost.

All Containers Meet U.S. DOT 49 CFR Requirements

Our 7A Type A, IP-2, IP-3 containers offer many options including, self aligning lids, our patented Duo Seal closure system, tamper resistant “Bolted Closure” and a variety of other closure methods. The containers come with a choice of standard risers, removable risers or 4-way entry configurations dependent on handling requirements. Many lid handling options are also available, to meet the customer’s specific needs. Our finishes include, powder coating, Lead free enamels, two part epoxies, galvanizing, and a range of Military specified coating systems.

IP-2 containers are certified to meet the requirements of U.S. DOT 49 CFR 173.410, 173.24(a)(b) and 49 CFR 173.465 (c) (d).

IP-3 containers are certified to meet the testing requirements of U.S. DOT 49 CFR 173.410 (a)(b), 49 CFR 173.411, 49 CFR 173.412 (a)-(j), and 173.465 (c) (d).

7A Type A containers are certified to meet the testing requirements of U.S. DOT 49 CFR 173.410(a)(b), 49 CFR 173.411, 49 CFR 173.412(f)(j)and 49 CFR 173.465 (c)(2). These tests include water spray, free drop, stacking and penetration tests as defined by the 49 CFR.

Container Options

  • Neoprene, Medium Durometer – ASTM D1056, 2A2, F1 Gasket
  • Fixed or removable risers available upon request
  • Two and four way accessible riser configurations
  • Closure styles: Tamper resistant Bolted,  Knock down clip, Butterfly clip, Duo-Shield and Tee bolted closures
  • Drain plugs and vent ports
  • A variety of lid lifting options

Container Finishes

  • Powder coat
  • Lead-free Alkyd enamel
  • Epoxy
  • Galvanized
  • Specialty MIL finishes available

Various Container Options

Top Load ConfigurationTop Load Configuration

Top Load Configuration

Side Load ConfigurationSide Load Configuration

Side Load Configuration

Top Hat ConfigurationTop Hat Configuration

Top Hat Configuration

Bolt ConfigurationBolt Configuration

Bolt Configuration

T-Bolt ConfigurationT-Bolt Configuration

T-Bolt Configuration

T-Bolt ConfigurationT-Bolt Configuration

Clip Configuration

Lid with HandlesLid with Handles

Lid with Handles

Lid with D-RingsLid with D-Rings

Lid with D-Rings

Lid with 2-Way LiftLid with 2-Way Lift

Lid with 2-Way Lift

Lid with 4-Way LiftLid with 4-Way Lift

Lid with 4-Way Lift

3 Riser with 2 Lid Lift3 Riser with 2 Lid Lift

3 Riser with 2 Lid Lift

4 Riser with 1 Lid Lift4 Riser with 1 Lid Lift

4 Riser with 1 Lid Lift

2-Way Riser2-Way Riser

2-Way Riser

4-Way Riser4-Way Riser

4-Way Riser

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