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MSDF handles many types and sizes of specialty fabrications.

We utilize a variety of forming equipment to improve production times and accuracy for all of our metal forming services.

Our staff is happy to help you determine the proper equipment for your parts or assemblies. Working in SolidWorks, and being familiar with the characteristics of many types of metals, allows us to design parts that are correct the first time.

We operate several Cincinnati and Adira press brakes, a Schroeder Power Bend forming machine, 5′ Power plate rolls, tube bender, and two 5-ton overhead cranes.

We offer a variety of precision metal-forming capabilities and services.

Panel Bending Machine

Schroder Up Down Metal Folding Machine
Shroder PowerBend professional up/down metal folding machine.

We are able to produce extremely accurate large panels and bend parts up to 10′ long in materials up to 10-gauge in thickness. 

Our Schroder panel bender has dramatically changed the way we engineer parts allowing us to incorporate structural bends into our panel construction. This has reduced overall assembly weight and improved manufacturing times and operator fatigue. It also allows us to handle many types of specialty metals such as Stainless Steel, grained materials and coated metals without marring the surface finish. 

Whether you need a simple part, or a fully hemmed edge panel; we have the tooling necessary to meet your needs.

Press Brakes

7 Gauge Architectural Panels bent from Hot Rolled Steel
7-gauge architectural panels bent from hot rolled steel.

We operate several multi-axis hydraulic press brakes, including a Cincinnati 230-ton hydraulic press brake capable of bending up to 10′ of 3/8″ mild steel.

Additionally, our Adira QT130 ton hydraulic press brake is capable of bending precision parts up to 10′ long.

Capabilities & Services

  • Cincinnati 230 hydraulic press brake
  • Adira 130-ton hydraulic press brake
  • Schroeder Professional PowerBend folding machine
  • Powered Plate Bending Rolls
  • Beading and flanging machines
  • CNC-controlled machinery
  • Two 5-ton overhead cranes for loading

Need help with metal solutions design and fabrication?

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